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Developed to promote the conservation of Illinois native plants and communities through scientific research through annual grant awards


European Reed Canary Grass

Invasive species April 2024European Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea). Reed Canary Grass (RCG) originated in Europe, Asia, and Canada. It is unclear if there was a native strain of RCG in Illinois. The[…]

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Preventing the Spread of Invasive Plants Through Hiking Etiquette

Doing our part as individuals as we enjoy nature takes a little etiquette.Beyond the usual field trip guidelines of bug spray and sturdy shoes, I would like to discuss an[…]

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2024 Indigenous Plants Symposium

The Southern Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society hosts its annual symposium at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  This year’s theme is “Changing landscapes: Plants, People and the Environment.” Our[…]

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